We are the Rebels

The ones who express our art to shift society and break down barriers…art that touches the hearts of others and help them feel alive and free. We are creators because we know we were created to explore the meaning of the world through the shattering +¬†restructuring of ideas for the good of all people. We work with light, love, peace, fire, passion, water, soul and earth to improve conditions, and most of all we are aware of ourselves, our life path and our true voice. Working in teams we excel more swiftly and we have fun at it!¬†

We are a team. We are a community of artists and supporters. We are CREATIVE SPOTLIGHTS.

Nyc/Miami/Nashville/Los Angeles

Creative Development Firm+ Management + A & R + Distribution. Music. Acting. Fashion. Visual Arts. Publicity. Social Media Marketing. Business Coaching.

Preview of Chapter 1: Inspiration

I am creative because I was created. It is my natural state to receive inspiration from it all, then to inspire others with my art. When I do this, I know I am continuously supporting the process of creation and living inspirationally.

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BEAUTIFIED by Morris Mills/Los Angeles // November Artists
  1. BEAUTIFIED by Morris Mills/Los Angeles // November Artists
  2. COMMITMENT ISSUES by Jay Elle Music Produced by Fallout Beatz // November Artists
  3. DREAMS produced by Verse All by DC // November Artists
  4. GAMES by Tacy/NYC // November Artists
  5. LOVE YOU DOWN by Tribal Theory/Los Angeles // November Artists
  6. Aquarius by Forefeather // November Artists
  7. DREAMS by theSHIFT // November Artists
  8. TEENAGE RUNAWAY by The MXT/NYC // November Artists
  9. DROWNED IN HEARTACHE by Dani Felt/NYC // November Artists