Does your Creative Career Need Management? Fresh Marketing + Business Strategies?

A lot of people ask what we do.. what we do is create our talent, in our network, in our projects and in ourselves!

We call this the Spark Program, which is a series of power moves that present you to the media, our networks and to the arts & entertainment world.

Connecting you via A/R Opportunities, Social Media Marketing of All your Achievements, Your Press Release Sent to the Media via your own Publicist, Web Design Consultation by our Web Developer to Max
Out Your Site, Graphic Design of Your Materials, On-Camera Interviews + Photoshoots, Our Gorgeous Electronic Press Kits and much more.




We bundle our top strategies for the artist under our Spark Membership that only the top we believe in with their talent can apply for...

We work very hard to improve our offerings and to never become stagnated, as we believe in the power of social media marketing, publicity and bringing our team + community together in hot new projects.

We call ourselves "disruptive innovators"...the rebellious who create mass shifts in our artists careers and in the arts & entertainment industry with specific, cutting edge strategies we inspire in our talent. 

You will find our communication direct, but inspiring. Spiritual but centered on reaching new heights in wealth, confidence and prosperity.

Why do we this? We do this because we ourselves have pursued the arts to find little direction, support and inspiration from the right people with the right intentions.

Because we feel like its our life purpose to make sure other artists have a full shot to live the life of their dreams and make money.

We do this because we love to inspire others, build our community and come together in projects that promote us all as a team!

Why should you join us? Our Ideal Client:

Because you feel a connection to our messaging, you believe in working hard for your goals and doing your part, and see yourself as a creative entrepreneur running your own business. 

You are do-or-die passionate about your career, know you have 100% what it takes and how you only have one life to conquer your gift and make a life of success out of it.  

You believe in win/win situations, working with a team and in social media marketing to build your brand and share your successes!


We are not the right match for you if you constantly look for the negative in situations, hate hard work and expect results instantly.

If you constantly complain about life and see yourself as a the victim. If you only are doing this to become "famous".

Our Ideal referral partner:

We are looking for creative individuals with huge social media networks or arts & entertainment brands who would like to be partners and get free promotional and publicity swag!

Who are these?

"Big-picture thinkers" with powerful networks that want to bridge the gap between talent and creators.

What we offer to our VIP Sponsors: 

A professional published press release submitted through our 8,000 member newsletter, social media shout outs, an on-camera interview by our team (NYC, LA or Miami only), a featured Q&A on our site and through mailing list, your LOGO featured as a sponsor on our site and possible sponsorship at our music showcased!  We will also offer 10% per referral!



Do YOU Have a Custom-Made EPK the Press will Love? Why Not?

  • Manpreet Harrideo: Entrepreneur, Speaker and Actor
  • Forefeather: Yogi & Hip Hop Artist
  • Innocent Victims; Emerging Miami EDM DJ
  • Michael Rehse; NYC Actor
  • Jeff Biegel; Electric and Upright Bassist

"What is an Electronic Press Kit" you may ask...For us, it is a very important marketing and publicity tool that promotes your pictures, videos, art work, contact information, creative resume, testimonials, awards, gigs and many other things. 

Working with us, we provide your own customized, interactive EPK that also includes new power items //that will round out whatever promotional tools you use// plus your own: professionally written bio & press release, online camera interview (NYC, MIAMI and LA only), photography, Q/A feature, and press articles. 

Even better, our EPKS are sub-domained through this site, making us your automatic representatives! It allows us to promote you directly to gigs and to our network with each new buzz we produce together.

You can use the link of the EPK in any emails you send to castings too! And even post on your website for another layer of promotion. 

And when you become a Spark Member, we connect you to our own Publicist who will share your press release + EPK to 2,000-3,500 media outlets to get picked up for 1. buzz and 2.interviews. 

What this does is give you a cycle of social media marketing buzz through our network and your network to promote each interview and publicity you get.

EPKS are vital to build your career, get a custom made one by our team at Creative Spotlights and let us represent you! 


Testimonials From Our Creative Network

Olivia Cella

Pop Artist and Actress

"Meeting Emily and Dani has opened many doors for me. They found my music video "Blank Space" on ReverbNation. I was a winner in their contest. Later my music video and an interview by me were featured on their website. I saw first hand how they can really make a difference and helped me gain exposure. About a month or so later I had the opportunity to perform at their book signing and workshop event "In The Spotlight" in Times Square NYC where top industry professionals heard me perform! Creative Spotlights find talent and give them the opportunities they are looking for. I can't wait to perform at their next event!!"


Kara Perno

Graphic Artist

"Emily Correa and Dani Felt are two amazing and inspirational business owner examples for any women that want start their own business. They have created a business that has helped me as a designer make new connections and given me job opportunities that will help me in my career. They are hard workers who put forth 100% for their clients, interns and employees."

Manpreet Harrideo

Actor, Speaker and Entrepreneur

"Creative Spotlights have brought hope to my career and well being by connecting me with the right people and giving me plenty of exposure for the right opportunities! Creative spotlights used their network to land me my breakthrough role in Hollywood!"