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Jamie Alimorad’s Wondrous Songwriting Wins Him Fans and Over a Million Views on YouTube:
Boston-based singer-songwriter Jamie Alimorad has been winning over fans since his solo debut in 2009. He released his first… READ MORE


While many say that, “all publicity is good publicity,” at Creative Spotlights we say, “strategic publicity is great publicity.” Our team works directly with artists to create a custom plan for their communication…
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Placements equal progress. Our team has the contacts and experience necessary to shop your music to the publishers and music supervisors in charge of today’s biggest television and film projects…Learn More

Music & Video Production

Song Writing, Music & Video Production. Everyone knows content is king. At Creative Spotlights, our expansive network includes a pool of established and emerging talents on the cutting edge of their respective fields…Learn More

Website Design

Your brand, your voice, your connection to the world – everyone is online, so you better be. Have your website designed with the strongest SEO-copy to increase your traffic and maximize user engage…

Graphic Design

Branding 101 – who are you, what is your message and how are you leaving a lasting impression with your audiences? From business cards to logos, posters to merchandise…Learn More

Social Media

Everything is happening online. More than ever, the power is in the hands of the artists and businesses to communicate with their audiences directly, share news, and promote their brands…Learn More