Music Biz 2014

Welcome to Music Biz 2014! Creative Spotlights was invited by the Music Biz Association to join the conference in West Los Angeles and by covering the event we have assisted our artists with the latest news from inside the hotel and the buzz around the city. Our direction with this specific campaign was to receive valuable information regarding publishing, music licensing and digital rights.

2014 promises to deliver great and worthy information regarding digital music. Creative Spotlights had our ears tapped to the pulse of the music industry. From May 6th-8th, Music Biz 2014 touched down with opportunities for music industry professionals, lifestyle brands, musicians and artists from the online sphere.

Day # 1 – Transparancy in the Digital Age of Music Copyright

On day one, we had the opportunity to interview Chris Crawford – Founder of Loudr – Music Biz 2014 Loudr is an online platform designed to assist recording artists with streamlining licensing for cover songs. Loudr makes selling cover songs easy as well, so this platform delivers opportunities for both songwriters, performers and recording artists.

Day #2 – Managing The Complexity Of An Artist’s Digital Experience

The day began with networking in the lounge with the music professionals that have came to this conference in order to gain a foothold and an understanding on where this industry is heading to in the future. In the afternoon it was all about the digital music experience and the platforms leading the way in transitioning our industry from a unit-based model to a service-based model.

Liv Buli- resident data journalist for Next Big Sound gave us her time and energy to deliver information regarding the direction of Next Big Sound.



We interviewed the president of Music Biz – Jim Donio and he laid out a great description of the future of the music industry and where Music Biz fits in.

We also interviewed Gregory Miller – CEO of Spacebar outside by the pool of the Hyatt Regency. Spacebar is a platform that provides high-quality online live streaming.

Day #3 – Managing The Complexity Of An Artist’s Digital Experience

Paul Rodgers received Chairman’s Award at Music Biz 2014


Ariana Grande to be Awarded ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ by Music Business Association

If you are attending the event as a music industry professional and you are interested in contributing your time to Creative Spotlights, schedule an interview or to contribute to our professional industry advancement opportunities, please contact Dani Felt’s email – Creative Spotlights E-Book is available for e-mail sign up. We will be delivering information regarding Music Biz 2014, the topics of publishing, digital media rights and online marketing being at the helm of our topics for discussion.

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