1.What inspired your passion for music and who has been there supporting you from the beginning?

From an early age I loved music dancing singing rapping from primary school I would rap in the playground write lyrics and it’s just progressed based on my passion respect and love for music.

From the start of my career I have had one constant fan and guide and that has been the almighty plus my Belief in myself and my talent. As I have grown now I have support from my family friends and really supportive fans god bless you all I love you xxxxxx

2. How do you feel about people downloading music rather then buying physical copies?

It’s obvious the industry has changed but it’s also clear there is as much money in the industry if not more than ever. In this day you have to adapt to the terrain and I for one try to be a pioneer.

3.How do you feel about the music industry today?

I think the industry is great but If your weak you will sell out and not only your music.

4.Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I will be a well known artist actor director community leader and entrepreneur.

5. Do you think singer/songwriters are the best interpreters of their own work or do you believe some cover versions can be better then the original?

Some cover versions can be better but I myself have never done one I prefer originality myself but some artist have achieved great success reviving old material.

6.Who have you always dreamt of working with and why? How would you go about accomplishing this?

I would love to have worked with Nat king cole bob marley more upto date artist like busta rhymes Lauren hill Julie dexter and for the artist I have mentioned that have passed I may sample some of there vocals for artist still Alice as I grow in the industry I will approach them.

7.As you are starting out your career in the music industry what steps do you plan on taking to reach your goal?

That’s top secret ;)

8.Have you found that as you are starting out your career in the music industry there are aspects that have taken you completely by surprise. If so, what are they?

People can change many fakes and liars many in this industry are out there to take your Money with fake promises etc don’t get duped don’t fall for these con artists.

9. What is the greatest thing about working in the music industry? And what would you change if you had the opportunity?

The greatest thing is expressing your creativity the thing I would change is so much ungodly music being force fed to the public:(

10.If you could have asked anyone for advice when you were starting out. Who would you have liked to ask?
What would you have liked to ask?
What would be your answer now?

I would get advice from top Pr companies top record Lable owners and marketing companies I would ask there different strategies to success and that would be the same answer now.

11.From your experience in the entertainment industry what advice could you offer people looking to get where you are today?

Avoid con artist believe in yourself do collaborations find a team that believes in you check all contracts
Remember you need top material top image top personality and business savvy

12. What courses/classes would you recommend someone take if they want to be a professional in the music industry?

I took sound and electrical engineering and business studies popular music national diploma also spent years producing performing nurturing my skills I would out of all take business studies and popular music national diploma

13.How many years were you fighting to get to where you are today and what was that time in your life like?

It’s been hard and I have been on this over ten years

14.From your experience so far, what have you found to be most challenging? And how are you dealing with it?

The most challenging is getting people to listen to your material but I have found a good way of handling that now :)

15.Share with us your proudest moment in your career so far?

My proudest moment is winning a London peace prize certification sept 2011
Being number 14 in the Italian charts called love sensation feat Desire Mcneish 2011
My 3 kids 2008 2009 2010
Starting my own talent agency Serenity Talent & Serenity Tv
Starting my own property company property tours
Being in 2 feature films out this year 2012
St Georges day
Street dance 2 3d
My first film I directed and starred in the 6 clans 2010 now on imdb








Venues: china whites aura miabella round house
Equipment: radio mic logic 9 mac
Studios:my one serenity studios
Management Companies: serenity talent
Voice Coaches: myself
Agents: serenity talent
Music video Directors/Producers :serenity tv


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